Be careful to pick the right type of stone for your project or home

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At Stoneville, we work with our clients to ensure they are making the right choice of stone.  One of the major considerations when choosing which stone product to use is thinking about where the stone will be installed, what is its intended functionality and the time you are prepared to commit to its upkeep.

Some questions to consider:

  • Will there be constant foot traffic?
  • Will the stone be in a wet or dry area?
  • Will the stone be exposed to the elements?
  • Does the stone need to be slip resistant?
  • Will the stone be exposed to constant heat?
  • Will the stone need to suit existing or surrounding décor?

Quartz, for example, provides a consistent finish, is generally maintenance free and is virtually stain resistant. With quartz, you never have to worry about water ingress and can be confident it will last a long time. Making it the perfect solution for people who don’t want to spend time on cleaning and maintenance.

Granite, on the other hand, is an amazing, elegant natural product and no two slabs are alike. While granite comes in many different budgets, colours and textures it requires more maintenance than a quartz finish. Granite is porous, can scratch and isn’t heatproof.

As well as the natural stone there is the cutting-edge cutting-edge engineered surfaces like Geoluxe that has the beauty of natural marble with superior performance and far less maintenance.

Another area we often see people failing to consider is the aesthetics of your home – while you might have always dreamed of a large granite benchtop will it suit the rest of the kitchen/house and your lifestyle?

For some, the kitchen is where they spend a lot of time cooking and entertaining, therefore, functionality is key. For others the kitchen is more of a “meeting space” and as such visual appeal is more important. Take time to carefully consider how the actual space will be used.

As some stone products are more durable than others it’s important to consider this when choosing your stone product – without proper care and maintenance some stone surfaces will start to degrade over time. The team at Stoneville can help you through the selection process and ensure your chosen stone is fit for purpose.