Do You Want to Add a Touch of Luxury with Geoluxe?

Geoluxe is the new generation in stone surfaces. It is the result of over ten years of extensive development and presents a real breakthrough in manufacturing technology.

Geoluxe is a new type of material called Pyrolytic Stone – a mixture of 100% mineral-based materials formed through the patented GeoMimicry technology. Essentially, the effects of nature are replicated in a lab. As a result, it reduces the imperfections of natural surfaces – offering a luxurious, modern finish.

Why Geoluxe


Geoluxe is stain, chemical, scratch and heat resistant, making it the perfect solution for any project.


Soap and water are all that’s needed for a daily clean, making it a great for busy lifestyles.


As a low permeable material, the surface won’t harbour bacteria and mould, making it perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.


It can be used indoors and outdoors without any risk of deterioration. Geoluxe is fade resistant.


It is a product designed and built to last; comprising 100% natural minerals, it makes it resistant to impact force.


The choice in colour and finishes are endless. As an engineered product, the veining is distributed evenly and is consistent.


The Story of Geoluxe

  • Step 1 – A Mix of Special Minerals
  • Step 2 – Fused Together with Fire
  • Step 3 – Polished to a Luxury Finish
  • Step 4 – Fabricated to Size

First, the special minerals are sourced from stone quarries around the world. Then they are liquefied and pour into a mould.

This is then fused together with fire to invent pyrolithic stone, recreating and condensing the natural stone-making process into a matter of moments through a technique called GeoMimicry™.

Then this is polished to an everlasting and luxurious finish, leaving a beautiful product that captures the spirit of marble with none of its flaws.

The slab body is then fabricated into shape for perfect installation into your project,


All of the Geoluxe variety, except Erebus comes in a polished and honed finish.