Do You Want to Add a Touch of Luxury with Vetrazzo?

The original in recycled glass surfaces, and developed in the late 1990s, Vetrazzo is a combination of recycled glass to make highly durable coloured slabs.

To this day, each piece is carefully selected and remains a proudly handcrafted product. Each slab is made with care and precision using the latest in engineering and design craft techniques to create an incredible finish and pattern.

Why Vetrazzo


Each piece is made from 85% recycled glass, most of which is sourced from recycling programmes. Vetrazzo prides itself on being a completely sustainable product.


No two pieces are alike, and they are handmade one at a time. Each slab has its own individual raw materials and could be sourced from a variety of places.


Easy to clean and maintain, simply use a warm damp cloth to clean up spills. There is no need for anything else and the slab will last a lifetime.



Vetrazzo can be installed in any location – inside or outside. It can be used anywhere natural stone can be used and is scratch and heat resistant.


Coming in a multitude of colours and designs and made from recycled materials makes each piece one of a kind. Vetrazzo’s slabs are brightly coloured, with large pieces of suspended glass.


With the use of unique raw materials, it gives the ability to create exclusive signature designs with colour combinations and style that sets this product apart. It’s like buying a piece of art.


The Story of Vetrazzo

  • Step 1 – Recycled Glass is Collected
  • Step 2 – Mixed and Moulded into Slabs
  • Step 3 – An Artist’s Touch is Added

Glass is collected from recycling centres and crushed for reuse.

The crushed glass is mixed with resin and adhesives and moulded into slabs. Over 200kgs of crushed recycled glass is used per slab.

The artisans carefully select where and how the recycled glass pieces will be used to create each piece’s unique design.